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Our albums

New Muses Project

Released: 2022

Our inaugural album showcases eight fantastic composers of choral, vocal, and organ music spanning 400 years. Many of these pieces have never been recorded (and at least two haven't been performed in living memory!) so you're in for a real treat. Dive in to uncover some hidden gems and discover your next favorite piece!

Recording engineer: Benjamin Schwartz
Mastering engineer: Jonathan Galle
Assistant recording engineer: Patrick Smith
Conductor: Gabriel Crouch
Soloists: Rachel Breen (piano), Harrison Hintzsche (baritone), Alex Longnecker (tenor), Marcus Jefferson (tenor), Abraham Wallace (organ)
New Muses Project Choir:
Soprano: Hannah Bein, Jaminda Blackmon, Bridget Nixon, Liz Hanna
Alto: Rhianna Cockrell, Evanna Lai, Meghan Stoll
Tenor: Joe Lerangis, Alex Longnecker, Corey Shotwell
Bass: James Davis Jr., Will Doreza, Harrison Hintzsche, Will Myers, Chris Talbot
New Muses Project Baroque Ensemble: Jeffrey Grossman (harpsichord and organ), Daniel Lee (violin), Vivian Mayers (violin), Lisa Rautenberg (viola), Cat Slowik (gamba), Zachary Merkovsky (violone)