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Anyone who is interested in classical music can use our website, regardless of your previous experience! We aim to be accessible yet thorough.

We’re especially glad you’re here! You can try entering a composer you’ve heard of, such as Mozart or Beethoven. We’re also working on an “I’m feeling lucky” button, which will pull up a random composer each time you click on it.

You can try any composer you like! You can even try a composer we already suggested to you.

Yes, check out our Browse page to view our composer pages alphabetically.

Our database is organized as an interconnected web of composers, linked by stylistic parameters (such as historical era, influences, genres composed, location, and attitude regarding cats). When you enter the name of a composer, we see who they are connected to and choose a random composer among those to show you. Check out our FAQ page for more information.

Please do! Make your way over to our Contact page.

If we can’t find a match for your composer, please feel free to contact us to let us know, and we'll work on finding a match for you.

Our website is a jumping-off-point to pique your interest! Each of our composer profiles contains links to resources for further reading, as well as a citations list.

No. It may be true that some white-cis-male composers have been overlooked, but the overwhelming majority have received more than their fair share of representation. We focus on composers that have been systematically excluded.

New Muses Project does not use identity as an organizing factor for our composers. Our goal is to invite you to spend the time engaging in depth with composers from a variety of backgrounds, and fall in love with their music.

Yes. Currently you can also browse our composers. We are also hoping to expand to genre and era searches down the line.

Eventually! We are working on it. Keep sending us ideas!

Our albums are available on all major streaming platforms. Our first album was released on August 28, 2022, the same day as our launch concert.

We've been working on this Spotify playlist of some of our favorites. Take a listen!

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